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Backup of data in the cloud

Backup in line of its data.

Simple. Powerful. Surely
  • Protection with world-wide recognition.
  • Backup of multiple equipment.
  • Synchronization of continuous data in the cloud.
  • Global access to all archives.
  • Versions per dates of the data.

InfoGuard allows him to do backup remote of the data of its company, automatic, safe, easy form and to low prices. We endorse his Web Hosting business so that you concentrate yourself in the most important his work.

InfoGuard offers safe and efficient a solution to him of backup remote. The best part of all this is that she is totally automatic. We encriptamos its information with the high level but of protection, we offer continuous protection and access to him to its information of global form, from any device (iPhone, Android, iPad, PC).

Backup to its complete business with a single account of InfoGuard

With the Control Panel of InfoGuard, you will be able to administer diverse backups of his PCs and Servidores in a single place.

Its centralized console will allow him to observe each equipment that leans back in its account and to access the endorsed archives to recover them or to share them to the person who you wish. Only that needs to share a file is to have the email address.

Technology of first

Our solution him
it offers backup of his
information in
11 Data Centers with Dedicated Server Protection
around the world.

This guarantees that its information to him this at any moment available one, to recover it at the moment that needs it and being used the safe parameters of encryption but of the market.
Technology of first
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