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To unload InfoGuard for Windows

Step 1
Before unloading:

Following his explorer, it is possible that the installation asks to him To execute?, To keep?, or the file will unload automatically when folder of unloading of its explorer. Please software to his folder of unloadings or the Writing-desk unloads.

Tool of Remote Backup

Deshabilitar its anti-virus and antispyware is recommended to prevent errors! It returns to ignite them after the installation. Usually this can be realised deactivating or extinguishing the protection in real time of the product. Here we demonstrated an example to them:

Deshabilitar the anti-virus temporarily
Step 2
Last InfoGuard version Download Online Backup
For MS Windows Vista
  1. ®/Windows 7 users:
  2. When it is asked to him if it wishes To execute or To keep the file, it selects To keep?.
  3. After keeping the file, it uses the right button of mouse on the file and selects To execute as Administrator?.
  4. If the window of Control of User appears, it selects To allow?.
The installation will begin. It follows the instructions to finish the installation of satisfactory form.
Step 3

Now you this ready one to install the software of InfoGuard in its machine.

  1. Unloading goes when folder where the file of installation of InfoGuard.
  2. It opens or it executes the file.
  3. It tightens If in the window of Control of User.
  4. Next in the following screen tightens of the installer of InfoGuard.
  5. It accepts EULA (End User License Agreement) and tightens Next.
It accepts the location of the installation of the program and tightens Next.
Step 4

Install tightens to install the application.

We recommended to him that the clears the selection of Launch program,? it tightens Finish and it reinitiates its machine.
  1. Recommendations

  2. Extra space. InfoGuard requires extra space to create his backup, because InfoGuard uses a technology of breaks to keep a local copy from the archives that will be copied of incremental form. If you have backup of 10GB, InfoGuard requerira from 70% to 80% of space in the disc for breaks. If you do not have sufficient space for breaks in disc C, you can reshape the program so that utilize another unit. He has an option in the program to realise this. > Folders goes to Advanced? > Options.

  3. InfoGuard requires that the program is installed under an administrator account. So make sure to have accessed to his computer as Administrator.

  4. Task makes sure that to scheduler of Windows this working correctly. InfoGuard uses this method to realise backups automatic.

    Some solutions outposts of InfoGuard as drag and drops and to copy network folders cannot from time to time be used. The common reason but of this is that you this executing Windows Vista or Windows 7 and has the activated UAC. If you wish to use these functions outposts, it is necessary that you deshabilite the UAC of Windows. In order to find these configurations in Windows 7, Start tightens, and in the bar search control writes ˜to user account™.

  5. This image makes sure that the speedboat this in Never notify? and soon tightens OK to reinitiate the computer, (is for the operating system Windows 7.).

  6. When backup prepares remote his, make sure not selecting to the folders of Program Files (Program files) or the folder of Windows since these folders contain configurations that are not necessary for their endorsement.

  7. If you this thinking not to be accessing your user in your computer in the moomento that InfoGuard is due to execute, make sure not endorsing your folders shared directly, but she chooses the archives that wish to endorse using the UNC route and those archives to push the right button of mouse and to select to Protect with InfoGuard?.
Make sure that its operating system Windows has you complete them updates.
Additionally it tries¦

As soon as its computer has been reinitiated.

It excludes these processes from protection in real time of his program Anti-virus/AntiSpyware and adds these archives to the rules of exceptions in his firewall of his computer.

C:\Program You case out (x86) \ SOS Online Backup \ sstorage.exe

C:\Program You case out (x86) \ SOS Online Backup \ sosuploadagent.exe

C:\Program you case out (x86) \ SOS Online Backup \ Sloader.exe

Microsoft Security Essentials Anti-virus/AntiSpyware

Here we presented an example to them of when Microsoft Security Essentials is used Anti-virus/AntiSpyware to exclude processes:

Soon it excludes the C:\Program folder Cases out (x86) \ SOS Online Backup of the protection in real time of its Anti-virus \ AntiSpyware. To see example here: