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Extra security for its Backups

Extra security for its Backups

InfoGuard makes sure the privacy of its information. Our system uses a system triple encripciĆ³n which encripta the information of its equipment in 256AES, transit in 128bit SSL, and finally 1024AES in the storage servant. Users can choose our UltraSafe solution which allows a level of much greater encripciĆ³n. The user who sends backup will only be the unique one that will be able to recover it. Unlike other solutions of endorsement in which the data is not encripta in its computer nor in the servers of endorsement, InfoGuard offers the guarantee to him of which its information could not be accessed by anybody, except you.

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Their Backups is stored and transmitted encriptados

On InfoGuard in line

InfoGuard for his backups in line is the perfect election for its business. It allows him, of automatic form, to do his easily backups in the cloud, to share his data and to recover it from any part of the world, at any time.