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Policies of Privacy of InfoGuard


The software and our servers of InfoGuard use encryption of type AES, who means that its data is encriptada before being sent to our servers. The data is encriptada at any moment that this kept with InfoGuard.

Users who select the option of Ultrasafe must keep the information from their account in a safe place as for example a safe-deposit box. Accounts created with Ultrasafe cannot be accessed by InfoGuard and if to you you become lost the password to him its information could not be accessed.

The EULA of InfoGuard follows a policy of simple and direct security. InfoGuard does not share information with anybody except the being required by the law. (InfoGuard cannot access accounts kept with UltraSafe when an order on the part of one is had even cuts to open it. The data this encriptada and the correct password must be introduced to be able to access it.) The information of collections is maintained safely by our company.

Additionally, InfoGuard maintains eliminated archives until specifically they are removed by the user. InfoGuard also maintains all the versions of the archives endorsed by the system of InfoGuard InfiniScale.

InfoGuard provides 99,9% in SLA with data access.
InfoGuard only uses data centers that is Tier III and Tier IV through the network of global InfoGuard.

InfoGuard offers an additional level to him of commitment that not this available one of other services of backup remote. All the data is talked back in two dates centers, eliminating data centers specific as a central point in the days of some problem. Our competition generally bases its SLA on the operation of a single data to center.

Regulatory fulfillments

InfoGuard to the being used with UltraSafe fulfills the requirement of backup with record according to the HIPAA requirements. It is not necessary to pay additional by this. Communicate with us for a prolonged certification but.

SARBANES-OXLEY and other standards of audit
InfoGuard to the being used with UltraSafe fulfills all the similar standards of the ESA and organizations.

70 SAS Type II
All the data centers of InfoGuard is audited by 70 SAS Type II

U.S. the EU Safe Harbor
InfoGuard - Political of privacy of Safe Harbor