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Policy of Privacy Safe Harbor?

SOS Online Backup - Safe Harbor Data Privacy Policy

InfoGuard offers a solution of remote and local software of backup which adheres to the principles of Safe Harbor of the United States Department of Commerce.

InfoGuard respects the individual property of its clients. In all the cases, InfoGuard handles the personal information in a consistent way with the laws of the countries in which InfoGuard makes businesses, but also aim to maintain ethical discharges in all transactions of businesses.

Cash as of February 10 of the 2009, this policy creates privacy principles in which InfoGuard adheres with respect to the protection of transference of personal information, or of electronic, verbal form between the United States and the different countries. This covers everything what InfoGuard realises with the personal information in all the processes, including data in line or out of line. Any employee of InfoGuard in which one determines to him that this in violation of this policy of privacy will be subject to a disciplinary process that can take it until the completion of its workings with InfoGuard.

Safe Harbor

Consistent to protect the personal privacy, InfoGuard declares that it adheres to the principles of Safe Harbor, associates to the Safe Harbor Agreement concerning the transference of personal data from the European Union to the United States de America. The Department of Commerce and the European Commission have acceded to the principles of Safe Harbor as it is mentioned that they are to protect the data privacy and thus to allow standard to allow companies him of the United States to provide services of protection of data according to the European law and the protection of data that is transferred from the EU to the United States. If there are conflicts between the policy of privacy and the Safe Harbor, the Safe Harbor will have priority.


The following definitions apply for all the mentions of this policy of privacy. Personal information? means any information or information group that is transferred between countries, is kept in certain form, he talks about to one or several individuals, and can be used to locate or to identify this individual. Personal information does not include information that this codified, protected with anonymity techniques, or public information that it has been combined with information does not publish. Pesonal information does not include information that belongs to or is on a specific person, but of which the person rationally cannot be identified.

Sensitive personal information? means personal information that it reveals race, ethnic origin, political, religious opinions or philosophical beliefs, member of groups or sexual preferences and health. For the intention of this policy of security, InfoGuard will deal with this type information as sensitive.

Principles of Privacy

The processes and handling of personal information of InfoGuard follow the principles of Safe Harbor Privacy as it is mentioned next under each principle.

The news and Changes

Custom-made that allows the agreement Safe Harbor, InfoGuard reserves the right to process personal information because of offering professional services to him to clients of InfoGuard and clients with the knowledge of the involved people. If InfoGuard only collects personal of direct form of the people in the EU, InfoGuard informs to him to these people on the type into personal information that it gathers, the intention and the type of agencies third that would use this information.

Transferences and Spreadings

InfoGuard will not disclose personal information to third parties, except when one of these conditions is certain:

a) InfoGuard has the consent of the client to realise this spreading;

b) The spreading is required by law or standard professionals;

c) The spreading this on sale related or disposition of part or all the businesses of InfoGuard;

d) The information in question this publicly available;

e) The spreading is necessary for the establishment or defense of legal cases; or

f) The spreading to is realised to another organization of InfoGuard in transference which the organization must fulfill the following thing.

1. This subject one to laws that provide an suitable level with protection of privacy;
2. They have accepted in writing to provide an suitable level with protection of privacy; or
3. It follows the principles of Safe Harbor.

Security of Data

In order to prevent nonauthorized access or spreadings, to maintain the exactitude of the data and to assure the appropriate and confidential use the information, or for its own intentions or on the part of their clients, InfoGuard has put physical protection, electronic and administrative processes to assure the information stored in InfoGuard. Nevertheless, InfoGuard cannot guarantee the security of the information transmitted by Internet.

Integrity of the data

InfoGuard only processes information in compatible forms with the intention in which it has been collected and authorized by the person. InfoGuard takes steps to assure that the personal information complete, is updated, exact and reliable for their use.


InfoGuard can change the security policies once in a while, always following the requirements of the Safe Harbor. InfoGuard will update this policy in its jobs, will train to its employees in as to apply these new policies and will publish any change in this website or the website that reemplaze this site.

Information of contact

Commentaries and questions on our policies of privacy can be sent through our form of contact.